Reiki Sessions:

Reiki sessions can be done with the client seated in a chair or lying on a massage table. I can either give a basic treatment or use crystals and vibrational therapy as an adjunct to the session. Come in comfortable clothing. There may be an emotional release the client might experience, and the I will gently guide them through this if needed. The treatment may leave the client a bit lethargic, plan on having extra time to get back to where you need to be.
Fee: $35 for half hour; $65 for 1 hour.

Reiki Attunements:

I usually do classes of only 1-2 people so that I can give you the attention that you deserve as well as mentoring you through the attunement process which can include emotional/physical cleansings. Classes by appointment only. Fee: $250 for Level I, $550 for Level II, and $5000 for Level III

Reflexology Session for Hands or Feet:
Reflexology is done while the client is clothed. Shoes must be removed, however, socks may stay on if client prefers. The client lies supine on a massage table while the reflexologist does a basic general session or a more targeted one depending on the clients needs. I offer hand and foot reflexology.
Fee: $35 for half hour; $70 for 1 hour

Auriculotherapy:Is done with the client either sitting or lying on a massage table. Chinese master points and somatic points are stimulated by hand or with a tool to assist with homeostasis. I am certified in NADA protocol which can assist persons going through withdrawals from certain substances. Fee: $45 per half hour; $70 per hour.

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Bath Salts, Sprizters, and More!