About Jo

I am a happily married mom of one who is a native New Yorker. I have traveled extensively and have been nomadic in nature--moving from NY, TX, AZ, CO and finally to WY.

I have always enjoyed helping people and initially I attained my goal  of becoming an LPN who worked neuro, cardiac, and ortho floors in a physical rehabilitation hospital.

One of my coworkers, Louise "Breeze" Cudzilo invited me to a Reiki circle and happened to be a Reiki Master. My interest in Reiki was greatly increased and I was inspired by her. I originally became a Reiki Master through Louise as an adjunct to my nursing practice.

I had also heard a lot about Reflexology and in March 2010 I received my Reflexologist Certification for Colorado in hands and feet and am now working towards my national certification in feet and am also aromatherapy certified. I have recently been Certified in Auriculotherapy and look forward to developing and enhancing my adjunctive therapeutic knowledge and skills.

LPN, Reiki Master, Reflexologist, Aromatherapy, Auriculotherapy

My interests lie in Tai Chi, Literature, Music, Yoga, Writing, Alternative Medicine, Alternative Religions.